3 ways SEO and web design go together

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3 ways SEO and web design go together

Your SEO

As discussed in ‘Get your website noticed and ranking’ the importance of SEO can’t be underestimated. So, the first thing you need to do is prepare a list of words that your business uses.

For example, hairdressers might use: hair; hair cut; hair style and hair colouring -these are just a few. However, every hairdresser needs to think of all the possible entries their potential clients might type in a Google search to find them. If all hairdressers that had a web site understood SEO imagine how many more hairdresser sites there would be on Google!

Websites also need fresh content -at least weekly -to keep Google aware that your site is still there. No new content and Google won’t know to rank you. This is why blogs and social media platforms are attached to sites they remind Google that the website is still ‘alive’. Every time your ‘words’ are used Google notices. The web design must support your SEO so that when people find your site it lives up to the user’s expectations.

Ease of use

Users form opinions quickly. Once a site is viewed the user will decide to either proceed or leave. If your site is clumsy or difficult, they generally don’t go back to

check if you have improved. The first impression is about making them happy and must be:

  • clean -not too much on pages;
  • easy to navigate;
  • appropriate use of hyperlinks;
  • good font choice;
  • considering people with disabilities;
  • colours that reflect the audience and
  • quickly give the information they want.

Give them what they want

Excellent web design carefully examines what consumers actually want not what you (the business owner) think they want. Arguably the main needs of users are:

  • Mobile-Friendliness -Google views mobile-friendliness extremely high. More than half of your audience is also likely to be on their mobile phones and tablets.
  • Website Speed is one of the most important aspects of technical SEO, and it’s a primary deficiency for many websites. Page speed is not only important to users, but it’s also important to Google. The speed of your website affects Google’s ability to crawl it. If your page speed causes Google to crawl fewer pages, you won’t have as many pages getting indexed.Next week…….. Marketing in the digital space

So now your website has the primary foundations. Words that your industry uses ranked on search engines and the platforms to give users what they want quickly and easily.

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