Marketing Elements Of A Website Part 2

Digital Marketing

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9 Parts to digital marketing

Digital Branding 

While digital marketing is all about finding new customers and generating sales, digital branding primarily focuses on providing value through inspiring loyalty and brand recognition. Tattoos were the first human brands signaling messages to others and that messaging is just as powerful today. Let’s look at the parts of digital marketing that call people to action.

9 parts to digital branding

  • Logo is the single image that customers identify with your brand. Logos should match the personality and values of your business, industry and target audience -sophisticated, edgy, techy, young, conservative. The logo should look good in all sizes on all your brand materials. Tip, think of other goods and services your customers might buy for clues to what logos they are attracted to.
  • Website is your digital storefront location. When a customer wants to know your brick-and-mortar locations, your hours of operation, your product/service listings or your contact information. They’ll Google your website, where they’ll expect to find information quickly and easily. Remember, your website implies 24/7/363 so you must always be ready to act.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensures your brand and its offerings are easily found on search engines. Start by designing your website with SEO in mind. A great place to start is Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which explain how Google indexes and ranks sites.
  • Brand messaging should answer these questions: What do you do? What do you stand for? Why do you matter? The Unique Selling Position USP. Ask as a consumer – don’t assume you know this because you are not selling to yourself.
  • Social Media should be used to ‘influence’. So, you need to think like an influencer would. Schedule posts for specific times and dates, engage with commenters and respond to direct messages. Ask the web designer how to track progress.
  • Content Marketing is used to create a loyal returning customer base and engagement is paramount. If you don’t engage frequently with your audience your site becomes ‘inactive’ to Google and ranking drops. Content marketing focuses on engagement through photos, videos, blog posts. Huge efforts are needed to create backlinks with reputable industries in your field. Consumers viewing reputable sites where your content is included brings viewers to you. Just think they were not even looking for your content but because another site had you on theirs you ranked!
  • Email Marketing is an easy way to reach out to customers, especially those who don’t use social media. You need to build a robust targeted email list offering clients content that they need. This content might be updates, new products or services, changes to the industry etc.
  • Online advertising uses the power of the web to market your products. Search engine ads bump up your website to the top of the page on a site like Google so customers see your product or brand first. Display ads are clickable banners you’ll find on webpages across the internet. Social media ads like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer a variety of ways to “sponsor” content. Mobile feed and desktop feed ads appear often as “suggested content” on users’ mobile and desktop feeds. Retargeted ads reach customers who have already expressed interest in your business or services, whether by Googling it, visiting your website or liking your Facebook page.
  • Influencer Marketing uses people with large social media followings to post about your brand. These people are word of VALUABLE mouth. Valuable because many people value their opinion just like people value their family and friends these valuable people have a bigger scope of influence.

Marketing is an extension of human psychology in that it reflects behaviour to solicit prescribed reactions. Branding is a signal for consumers to behave a certain way motivating some type of consumption. Great marketing is often more valuable than the physical assets of a business and your website is where it all starts.

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